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What to Know 

To reserve a time/space, go to the booking page, click on the link for the item you want to use, and provide basic information about what you want to create. We'll review your request and reply to confirm the appointment date and details, and include any guidelines for your session.

The first time you use our studios, we will need you to sign some forms when you arrive at the station. You can download the forms here if you'd like to review them first.


Here are some guidelines to follow when creating content with us:

  • All members, guests, crew, and affiliated persons must adhere to the ETV Professional Conduct Policy

  • ETV reserves the right to air or not air programs created for inclusion on our airwaves. Please note the Producers Manual for further details.

  • Members are entitled to the use of our facilities for the creation of content. The creation of such content for inclusion on our airwaves is reserved for active and approved producers first - and all potential programs are handled on a case by case basis.

  • Members who are creating live streamed content must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our Live Streaming Agreement. 

  • Members who are creating content for later use on their own channels, platforms, or outlets must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our Media Content Agreement (UNDER REVISION). 

Requests must be submitted at least 3 days before the date of your session. Any major changes to the details of your session need to be made 24 hours in advance.

Here is a quick guide for the kind of projects we can support - and which ones we can't:

  • Podcasts

  • Short films

  • Instructional content

  • Cooking shows

  • Self-help / health and wellness shows

  • Music videos

  • Original television programs

  • Weddings / Private parties

  • Commercials / Advertisements

  • Infomercials

  • Inflammatory Content

  • Content that violates copyright law

  • Repackaged content from another producer

  • Content that violates our broadcast standards

While we will aid and support and train members who produce content, ETV staff and crew are *NOT* available for hire for member-produced content. Please contact us if you have a community, educational, local government, or charitable event that you want to hire ETV to stream or record!


Here are some things to avoid including in your content:

  • Nudity

  • Hate speech

  • Violence or inciting violence

  • Paid political endorsements

  • Promoting a sponsor or commercial business

  • Derogatory or inflammatory language

  • False or misleading claims, data, or similar material


Refer to our Legal page for a more detailed breakdown of what can and can't be included, and feel free to ask us through the Contact page.

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