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Design-Our-Sign Contest

ETV welcomes submissions for our ‘Design-Our-Sign’ contest!

That’s right, your design may become the new permanent exterior sign for the ETV Community Media Center, at 230 Main Street, in East Haven (see pictures below).

We will be adding an exterior sign to the front of the retail space we recently moved into, and are looking for submissions from local artists, students, designers, and the public - which the ETV board and staff will narrow down to five finalists. These finalists and the winner will be announced during the Great Give, this coming May 3 & 4, 2023.


Show us something great! Something special! Something sleek and memorable and eye-catching!

Designs must include the “ETV” logo (provided), and the words “COMMUNITY MEDIA CENTER”, in all caps, using the font Bebas Neue (provided). Use of the four “tech” icons (also provided) is up to you! The sign will be illuminated.

Use of half-tones is most likely going to be difficult to execute, so please avoid those.

You can use the blue & gold HEX codes provided… or show us some unexpected colors!

“BLUE”: Hex = #2E58D6, CMYK = 83/69/0/0

“GOLD”: Hex = #F7D600, CMYK = 5/11/100/0

Keep it clean and keep it classy.

Download vectors of our official logo, tech icons, and font here.

Approximate Measurements

3' tall by 8' wide.


Contest opens Friday March 31st.

Contest closes Fri April 28th, at midnight.

Finalists and winners announced during the GG May 3&4.

The Fine Print

• Individual submissions only. ETV will not accept submissions from ad agencies, design companies, billboard companies, etc. One submission per individual, please.

• The winning design may be altered in terms of final measurements, colors, complexity (half tones, etc) depending on details from the vendor ETV selects for install of the final sign.

We have also provided HEX #’s for Blue and Gold, but these may be altered. IE, the sign vendor may have to adjust colors for the final product, OR you can suggest an entirely different color palette that you think works with your design!

• ETV reserves the right to make slight to moderate adjustments to the submitted design, in consultation with the winning designer, to account for such variables as size, legibility, cost, colors, bleed, resolution, and similar aspects.

• All designers submitting entries are strongly encouraged to submit a lower res JPEG or PDF, for the purposes of review by ETV, AND to maintain a higher res / scalable / layered version of their work, as adjustments may be necessary.


Please send us one (1) design per person, as a JPEG or PDF, in color.

Lower res for the submission / judging process is preferred. Please maintain a higher
resolution, vector, or layered version should your design be cho
sen as the winner!

Please complete this Google Form for submissions.

And email your design to:

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