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ETV: Non-Profit Plan

A new program for regional organizations

ETV is excited to offer a new membership tier - the NFP Membership - designed exclusively for a yearly cohort of 10 regional non-profits interested in exploring and creating digital media content. Available for a single, one time, yearly fee, the plan includes:

● A series of digital media training sessions
● Follow up 1-on-1 refresher sessions
● Access to our facilities and equipment
● Inclusion in our yearly 10 member cohort, which features logo placement on our air, website, storefront display, and in-studio signage

Participating organizations can send staff or volunteers to our training sessions, and to create content using our devices, studios, and equipment. The facilities are available during normal ETV business hours, on a first come first served basis. ETV is offering this extensive program to a yearly cohort of 10 regional NFP’s, with an emphasis on how each set of skills can be applied to the particular needs of local organizations.


The price for this yearly NFP membership is $1,000/flat, per org. Sign ups are due by the end of January, 2024. The plan includes: 7 in-person tech/media training sessions for members of the cohort; additional slots for 1-on-1 refreshers; and use of the ETV equipment and facilities. ETV staff will be available to assist participants with particular questions / situations, as needed.

2024 Training Sessions

● Basic Video Skills
● Audio for Video
● Basic Video Editing
● Podcast Recording
● Podcasting Sound Editing
● Basic Photography
● Social Media Strategies

For More Info / To RSVP

Click here for a detailed breakdown of this program.

For further info, any questions, or to reserve your spot, please email us at:


Interested orgs are welcome to visit the station anytime during our normal hours of operation. 

For NFP’s who don’t require training, we are also offering a reduced yearly membership fee of $250, which includes use of our facilities, equipment, editing stations, podcast station, and assistance from ETV staff.

For information on how the CFGNH can help alleviate associated costs, please visit:

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