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Professional Conduct Policy

All East Haven Public Television (ETV) employees, freelancers, producers, and members of the public are required and expected to treat any and all persons at our facility with respect and dignity. 


ETV does not condone, nor will ETV tolerate, any abusive language, actions, or threats. Failure to comply with this policy will result in expulsion from the premises, and/or termination of your membership or status as an active producer in good standing.


Thank you for your cooperation.

- ETV Board of Directors

Gear Guide


Hello and welcome to the new ETV Community Media Center. We are very glad you’ve joined us as a member! We are here to help you develop and deliver your content to your audience. In order to serve as many members as possible, we have compiled a list of reasonable and appropriate conventions / expectations.


1. No one likes hate speech directed at them. Use of hate speech is not allowed in any media in any form, and is not protected speech. Similarly, use of or creation of derogatory, defamatory, slanderous, misleading, or otherwise damaging content is not allowed. We feel that this is appropriate for everyone using our facilities, regardless of the platform or method by which your content is shared, posted, or distributed. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask us for guidance on this. We work as media professionals as well as here at ETV, and we can help you express yourself while being mindful of this guideline.


2. We are small and have a small budget. Our equipment is very expensive. None of this equipment is “throwaway“ equipment, but has been acquired to assist you in creating the most professional and polished product(s) possible. Proper use and care of the gear is expected for all members, so that all members, as well as our staff, will be able to enjoy this gear for the greatest length of time possible.

Please be conscious of your use of the equipment. Should you request and receive gear for a project outside of our space, again please be conscious of where you are and of your surroundings - that includes the weather, condition of electrical outlets you may use, excessive exposure to sunlight, etc. Other people may sense a chance for extra income by way of stealing equipment. No one wants you to be hurt in a smash and grab.


3. One of our primary concerns for you is that you feel comfortable in the studio. We would like you to feel “at home” in the studio. This also means that others will want to feel equally at home. Remain mindful that more than one member may be recording or editing at any given time. Be patient, polite and respectful to other members, guests, staff, freelancers, and vendors at all times.


4. ETV is *not* responsible for the storage and retrieval of data, files, media, photos, audio, or other digital media assets. Members must bring their own external storage devices to store and maintain any relevant digital media files. Such devices may include: external hard drives (MAC formatted), USB drives / “thumb drives”, SD cards, MicroSD cards, etc. Do not leave your project or affiliated files on the desktop or any place on the computer(s) or devices (cameras, audio recorders, podcast station, etc) you are using. These machines are scanned on a regular basis to find and remove nonnative files. 


5. This is an Apple Computer facility, meaning that all equipment that you will be using will be OS X based. There are no Windows machines in this building. If you need assistance in formatting your personal storage media please ask and someone will help you in short order. Also, members are not allowed to download or install any outside or third party software. Application updates and similar changes to software must also be approved and executed by a staff member. Please do not make changes to the configurations (beyond basic things like volume, brightness, etc). Similarly, pairing or connecting or iPhones or similar devices is *not* supported, and any data that syncs with our computers will not be stored, maintained, or retrievable at a later date.


6. Use of external devices will be addressed on a case by case basis. We want you to feel welcome and productive here, and in many cases, that may mean using your own microphone, or headphones, or mouse. In most cases these will be allowed, if there is no or minimal re-configuration needed to our equipment. Ex: a set of wireless BluTooth earbuds may pair easily with our computer(s), while a webcam or audio converter (such as a FocusRite) may not. We will do our best to accommodate you, but please understand if we are unable to meet your request.

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