ETV Mission Statement:

East Haven Public Television enriches the lives of our viewers through programs and services created by and for the residents of East Haven, CT. By facilitating digital media creation and managing its public distribution, ETV aims to inform, educate,entertain and inspire our audiences in our town, across Connecticut, and beyond.

About Us:

If it's happening in town, ETV has it covered! East Haven Public Television, Inc. (ETV) is the family of 3 non-profit cable access TV stations in East Haven, CT. For over 20 years, ETV has operated three community access channels, where our producers turn their dreams into actual programs!


From our Coe Avenue studios, to our scholarships for EHHS media students, ETV is the place to be. ETV's staff and volunteers work with our producers to create amazing content. Our cameras and equipment allow any EH resident to make their media dreams come true!

In recent years, we have been able to parlay member support into studio upgrades, improved cameras and editing bays, and our upcoming launch of improved streaming options. ETV is member-supported television, with a range of membership options! Our members elect our board, produce media content, support the arts in East Haven and guide how we serve our community. Get involved today, and help us...Make TV!


Each year, the ETV Board awards a scholarship to an East Haven High School student who is planning to pursue studies in media. The award, the Patrick O'Leary Scholarship, is named for a long adored member of the East Haven community. Mr. O’Leary was much beloved by countless friends and associates for his warmth and compassion. And as a long serving journalist for the New Haven Register and other media outlets, his professionalism and dedication were greatly respected. ETV feels that these qualities, represented by this award, reflect the way in which these students have conducted themselves in their work at the high school and in our community.

Past recipients of this award include:

Litzy Garcia (2020), Christian Cunningham (2019), Adam Perrotti (2018), Jacob Zito (2017), Nicholas Maniscalco (2016), Alexandra Bardelli (2015), Molly Travaglino (2014), Ashley Mazzucco (2013), Melissa Morro (2012), Nicollette Riccio (2011), Janlee Castro and Theresa Vittorio (2010, shared), and Paula Caputo (2009).



Our current staff includes Studio Manager Melissa Morro, Asst. Studio Manager Connor Thornberg, and Bookkeeper Deb Maguire. The Ch. 19 Program Manager is Rob Becker. Our bank of talented freelance videographers includes Christian Cunningham and Mike Streeto.


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